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Nativity show

It’s that time of year when you need your hankies at the the ready, to wipe your tears from either laughing or crying!

Our HETTY Nativity performances will be taking place on Wednesday 8th December for parents from Percy and Fergus groups, and Thursday 9th December for parents/carers from Gordon and Edward groups. Both performances will start at 10am (doors open 9.50am) in the school hall via the community entrance near the park.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we are trying to keep yourselves and your children safe and so this year it can only be 2 adults attending per child.

If your child doesn’t attend on these days, they are more than welcome to come in for the performance. You can drop them off at 9.30am and take them home straight after.

We do allow photos and videos however, we ask all parents to be respectful and not share on any social media sites. If you are concerned, please contact Mrs Bowes.