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Coronavirus update

25th March 2020 – Thank you for continuing to check this page. We hope you are enjoying the stories, phonics and activities we have put on the website. There will be more added regularly so please do keep checking.

We know it is an unsettling time for children who perhaps don’t really understand why everything around them is changing. We came across this story (from The Children’s Therapy Centre) that helps children understand what is happening and helps them feel safe during these uncertain times. We hope you find it useful too.

Stay home superheroes


As a setting we are following the guidance given by the Government with regard to the Coronavirus.

Please see below the most recent information regarding the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus update letter 20th March

Coronavirus update letter 12th March 

During the coming weeks, there will be links to activities that you can access with your children. Please keep checking back to this page.

We are hoping that there will also be the opportunity for your child to Skype with Mrs Chester and Freddie Fox (once we get our heads around the technology needed to do this!) Again, watch this space for details.