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Staying healthy

At HETTY, we promote healthy eating, good oral hygiene, fitness and exercise. This is done by various fun activities, from weekly structured P.E. lessons, fun science experiments, and talking about healthy foods.

The children are constantly learning about what good oral health means – the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day (with fluoride toothpaste), visiting the dentist regularly and eating a healthy diet. They are learning that healthy teeth can help them to enjoy their food, have beautiful smiles and pronounce words correctly. The children are developing their understanding of oral health and the skills necessary to brush their teeth through a series of engaging and play-based activities appropriate for their age and stage of development. Engaging in stories, singing rhymes, taking part in imaginative role-play, counting and comparing teeth, doing scientific experiments to test which drinks are the best for our teeth, and much more.

We encourage all children to eat and try a variety of fruit and vegetables through our snack times where we offer at least five different types of fresh fruit, salads or vegetables. We promote sociable eating times and incorporate healthy eating into our curriculum. Our baking sessions give the children an opportunity to explore and taste healthy foods. Where possible, we look at all aspects of food knowledge, whether that be shopping or looking at raw foods and cooking them.

We are proud of our relationship with Hoole C of E Primary School which means we are able to use their facilities, including the sports hall where we aim to have weekly P.E. sessions. We often go on bear hunts around the main school and the forest school. In addition to this, we have our own outdoor area which is continuously open, all weathers, during free play time, to encourage children’s physical development.

We have attached some useful links to support you and the children below. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with parents and we always have our door open to you. If you require any further information or support regarding your child’s health, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Change 4 life. Brushing twice is nice.

Hey Duggee and Joe Wicks workout.

Workout with Spider Man

BBC CBeebies My First Dentist

“Brush Your Teeth” song

We made a very tasty fresh fruit salad. We carefully washed the fruit then used special knives to chop up the fruit and put it in a big bowl to share. We talked about the seeds and the shapes of the fruits. Some fruits were crunchy, some were juicy, some were sweet and some were soft. It was very tasty!

Some of the children went shopping so they could buy ingredients for soup. They then came back to HETTY, prepared the fresh produce, chopped it up, cooked the soup and ate it all up. It was delicious!!!


Below are a few photos of what we have been doing to keep our teeth healthy. Please look at our ‘pictures and videos’ page for more photos.