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Well done Grayson!

We’re so proud of Grayson, one of our HETTY children.

Grayson has recently completed his first ever charity run. He ran a whole mile through Chester Zoo and raised £175 for Chester Zoo’s treatment for sick baby elephants.

Grayson’s mummy said ” He showed a lot of grit and determination, working hard training for the race, and on the day running the whole course without stopping!”

Grayson is pictured here showing off his amazing medal.

He is very proud of his achievement… and so he should be.


We are absolutely delighted to share our recent Ofsted report with you and hope that you will enjoy celebrating our grading of ‘Good’ with us.

Thank you so much for your continued support and for your wonderful children.

Ofsted Report May 2023

Thank you so much to Gwen Hopkins from The Story Tent for coming in on World Book Day. The children really enjoyed it and had so much fun. The tents, activities and books were just perfect.


Here a few pictures of the event.

It has been really exciting watching our caterpillars grow at HETTY.

The children have been learning all about caring for living things and learning about the life cycle of butterflies.

We started with 5 caterpillar eggs, then 5 caterpillars, and now we have 5 chrysalis.

We are really excited and hopefully they chrysalis will wait until the children are back from Easter holidays so they can see them turning into butterflies.

Watch this space………

The children have been so busy over the last few weeks getting ready for spring.

The children have been learning all about plants within the setting over the last few weeks. Everything from the cycle of plants, planting seeds, watering, watching them grow and what they need to help them grow.

We have been growing sunflowers, carrots, tomatoes and sweetcorn.

They have also been learning big words too like “germinating” and “propagator”

As you can see by the photos the children have really engaged in our spring theme and all have planted something whether that be for their mums on mothers day or for HETTY. They really enjoyed the mess too!!!

Just to let you know we have made some changes to the way children have snack.

We have introduced ‘rolling snack’. Meaning between 9.45-11.00 & 1.30-2.30 children can come and help themselves to a healthy snack and a drink.

This helps to promote independence and it is a fantastic tool in helping us to develop the children’s social, communication and language skills.

A member of staff is continuously at the snack table supporting the children if needed. We have introduced name /photo cards that the children have to remove from a board, this way we can ensure that all children are accessing the snack table and having a healthy snack and drink.

Furthermore, a drink station is still set up as before, whereby a child can help themselves to a fresh drink of water continuously throughout the day.


The children went shopping today and bought healthy foods for our snack.

They visited local shops, and learning about where we get our food from. They spoke about different shops in the community and what they all sold.

We also seen people we know working in the shops and popped in to say hello to them.

We walked through the park where grown ups were walking their doggy’s and they kindly put their dogs on leads then all waved to us, we felt very special.

Going out in to the community helps the children learn about their sense of self, community and where they live. In addition, it teaches the children about British values. Part of the EYFS is to encourage children to respect those that help them, so visiting important figures and speaking to them about their work for the community will help to solidify this value with the children.

Hetty has kindly been nominated to decorate this handsome red duck, that was adopted by Co-op Hoole. This is in aid of The Countess Charity, Chester duck race, taking place Saturday 1st April at the River Dee, The Groves. Activities start at 12pm the race is at 3pm. Pop down and cheer our duck on!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Co-op for choosing HETTY to decorate the duck. HETTY pride ourselves in working within the community and understand the importance of community sprit. Also, as you can see by how utterly beautiful the duck looks. The children had loads of fun decorating it!!!


We had an amazing time at our HETTY Sports Day, thank you to those of you who were able to come along and cheer the children on, we hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did!

Here are a few photos from the day for you to have a look at.  Hopefully some happy memories of your children to see you through the summer holidays!


We hope you all have a great summer and stay safe and happy!

Happy holidays!!!

HETTY will be offering holiday care for the summer holidays. Holiday care is available subject to sufficient bookings being received.

Please check our holiday club page for further details.

Holiday club