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Personal, social & emotional development (PSED)

In general, this area covers: Who am I and how do I feel? How do I regulate my feelings and behaviour? How do I manage myself both physically and emotionally? How do I build good relationships?

Some examples of this might include:

  • having a positive approach to learning and finding out about the world around them.
  • having confidence in themselves and their ability to do things, and valuing their own achievements.
  • being able to get on, work and make friendships with other people, both children and adults.
  • becoming aware of – and being able to keep to – the rules which we all need to help us to look after ourselves, other people and our environment.
  • being able to dress and undress themselves, and look after their personal hygiene needs.
  • being able to expect to have their ways of doing things respected and to respect other people’s ways of doing things.
  • understanding the need for taking turns.
  • following instructions.
  • knowing right from wrong.